• Joshua Cantrell

    IT Specialist at LUCKIE

    "I absolutely enjoyed working with Micheleh. She is very passionate and knowledgeable in her field and goes the extra mile to encourage unity and teamwork. I highly recommend her as she is highly dedicated to her team and makes every effort to produce well-polished work."

  • Cody Solomon

    Front-End web developer with four plus years experience and a passion for quality user experiences.

    "I've had the pleasure of working with Micheleh for just under a year at Luckie & Co. Micheleh is a wonderful leader with fierce determination and intense passion for her work. She's accomplished so much in leading and molding our development team into one that produces quality work for our highly satisfied clients. I've grown into a more well-rounded developer as I've worked alongside her and I'm thankful for the inspiration and encouragement she's provided. She is a team player in the truest sense, with excellent communication skills and always ready to lend a hand to someone in need! Micheleh will continue to be a game-changer wherever she is and I'm quite thankful for this opportunity in working with her!"

  • Taylor Allen

    Project Manager passionate about the People business

    "I’ve had the privilege of working with Micheleh on a variety of digital projects with our largest account at Luckie. I served as project manager while she skillfully led the development team. During this time, Micheleh provided expertise into best development practices and spearheaded internal changes that brought efficiencies and better communication, both internally with the team and externally with the client. Her technical expertise combined with her business prowess is truly an invaluable competency. For instance, her talent to communicate technical matters in a way that could be understood by our non-technical stakeholders helped our team provide better solutions. Her ability to work across groups and help drive initiatives was a large reason we were successful in implementing demanding client deliverables. It was an absolute pleasure working with Micheleh, and I know any organization would benefit from her positivity, skillset, and experience."

  • Yoshiet Patel

    Lead Technology Specialist at VMLY&R

    "My personal experience to work with Micheleh was great. She is so helpful to other team members and always ready to take challenges on day to day activities. Believes in sharing knowledge with team and motivates them. She has loads of technical knowledge and experience in field which makes her a perfect candidate."

  • Ryan Smith

    Senior Software Engineer at Honeywell

    "I had the privilege of working with Micheleh while i was at Turner, from the start i noticed her eye for detail and problem solving skills. Micheleh's experience and strong foundation as a developer was extremely helpful as we had to revamp an entire project from JAVA into Drupal using Docker."

  • Matt Parry

    Forward Thinking Digital Consulting

    "Micheleh was a hard working and extremely dedicated employee from day one. She took over a complex role that involved development, time management and client interaction immediately. Her PHP and HTML skills, especially using bootstrap, HTML5 animation and design, allowed her to be a unstoppable development force. While working together, she was always someone I could rely on to help get things done on time and under critical time crunches. She was reliable, professional and and one of the best developers I have ever worked with."

  • Veer Patel

    Agile Project Manager / Scrum Master at Dashlane

    "'Incredibly efficient' is what comes to mind I think of Micheleh. She is a motivated self starter who I had the pleasure of working with at Kellen Company servicing the digital needs of South Star Energy. I was particularly impressed by her ability to handle multiple projects and still meet deadlines. I will miss our awesome lunches! She would be asset to any team!"

  • Darin Galgano

    Responsive Email Developer at B&H Photo Video

    "Micheleh and I have worked on many occasions so I can easily testify to the high quality and level of her programming skills. Micheleh is definitely a top notch web developer. She accomplishes every task in a professional and timely manner and also pays strict attention to detail in her coding as well as providing what the client is looking for. I've always been impressed by her ability to think outside the box and provide solutions to some of the challenges we'd face. I have learned a lot just from working with Micheleh on projects. I would highly recommend Micheleh with absolute confidence. I know she would be a great addition to any company/development team."

  • Michael Passaglia

    Artist and Graphic Designer

    "Micheleh is a very dedicated, focused, and driven individual. She always exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond to get the job done. Micheleh is a true pleasure to work with and a valuable team member."

  • Justin Baggott

    CEO at Jockbrokers

    "Micheleh has stepped in as a problem solver to take over messes created by others on more than one occasion. She has also consulted for us to help us hire a full time developer who has the skills to handle our site as a co-founder. If you can afford an exert, hire her. If not, get the job done by a lesser individual then pay her to fix their mistakes later. Quality work done by a quality person."

  • Melanie Thielker

    Director at Avination Virtual Limited

    "During 2011 and into 2012 Micheleh Chanthakham was responsible for significant changes in the design and user interface of www.avination.com and associated sites. During this time her work results were always excellent and we have found her work ethic to be top notch, going above and beyond requirements and frequently working overtime and odd hours. Micheleh Chanthakham was well liked by our staff and management."

  • Michael Gilford

    Sr. Customer Experience Analyst, Customer Experience at Georgia Power Company

    "Micheleh was a pleasure to work with. She was quick to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems, and never minded stepping up to get a project completed. She is very creative, and will be an asset to whomever she works with."

  • Nelson Romero

    Multimedia Specialist

    "Micheleh is a top-notch, detail oriented, result driven web developer. I am most impressed with Micheleh’s ability to blend complex technologies with her rich design sense to creatively present projects in a timely, simple and engaging manner."

  • Will Adams

    Vice President & GM, Small Business Services

    "Micheleh is a very talented and creative professional. She continually delivered great web development work consistent with the vision of our creative team. A great team player!"

  • John Coggin

    Senior Manager | CapTech

    "When we were looking for a new designer/developer to join our marketing team at Tarkenton Companies last fall, Micheleh's resume was the clear standout from the outset. I saw in her someone who — like me — enjoys learning every stage of the product development process and engages herself fully in that exploration. She generously lent a diverse knowledgebase in a long list of programming languages and development frameworks, not to mention a keen eye for design, to the creative and product development processes, resulting in some of our most innovative and forward-thinking initiatives in 2009. Her work on the BETA phase of SoHOWire.com was crucial to our achievements with that very unique mashup of news and networking. I consider Micheleh both a friend and colleague and look forward to hearing about her many future successes."

  • Michael Buckham-White

    Managing Director for Technology at Deloitte

    "Micheleh is extremely gifted with her design abilities. She also maintains a very positive attitude in the work environment."

  • Derrick Moss

    Creative Multimedia Web Designer & Developer (Freelance) at DArtiste Studios

    "Micheleh has proven to be a first class professional in both web design and coding. She was able, with only minimum direction, to revamp a number of legacy sites operating in a variety of languages into first rate, easy to use, set of micro sites and landing pages that met all the requirements (and more) that were placed on her. Her approach is both confident and engaging and she has the ability to make even the most complicated processes and procedures easy to understand. Her design to code completion were always met with extreme quality and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to any future company or organization who are looking for a high level of service combined with a high level of professional expertise."

  • Kim Harrington

    VP of Sales at XINNIX, The Mortgage Academy, U.S.M.C. Veteran

    "Micheleh is one of the most impressive people that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She has laser focus when it comes to completing projects, which explains her attention to detail and finishing ahead of deadlines. She continually worked with her peers to help them reach their full potential, with the understanding that if they succeeded the company would succeed and the byproduct of that would be growth and a culture of inclusiveness. I highly recommend Micheleh and she would be an asset to any employer."

  • Brandon Johnson

    Digital Marketing, Sales, & Technology

    "Micheleh has what I call "Full Web Cycle" Development capabilities. She showed a great ability to take an assigned project from idea and concept to creative and development completion. To find a reliable & competent resource like this, is a hard find. Utilizing her past project management skills, she understood our development process and pleased many stakeholders in our development of key strategic, customer and lead generating ecommerce pathways. Lastly, she brings a positive attitude and magnetic personality to the table. It was pleasant to work with her on our team. I hope to work with her again soon and wish her the best in all endeavors."

  • Tim Wilson

    Collaboration Product Manager at Orange Business Services

    "Micheleh was a pleasure to work with. As a teacher and volunteer, she was able to engage the class and build a productive rapport. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again."

  • Marques Burnett

    Founder of the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) & SUVtv

    "Micheleh is a well rounded marketing professional. She has demonstrated expertise from both a strategy/planning perspective as well as on the creative end of marketing. The web design and visual elements she brings to the table are complemented well by an ability to plan, project manage, and build a brand."